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Life on the Water

PITTS SPRINGS Analyses by U.S. Geological Survey Location. NW¼ SW¼ NE¼ sec. 4, T. 1 S., R. 13 W. (lat. 30°25'56" N., long. 85°32'47" W.). Pitts Spring is about 7.5 mi. NW. of Youngstown and 2.75 mi. N. of Bennett. Drive about 7 mi. W. on State Hwy 20 from its intersection with State Hwy 75 to the bridge crossing Econfina Creek; walk about 300 ft N. along the west bank to the run and west along it to the spring. Description. The 45-ft diameter pool is surrounded by dense woodlands; swampy vegetation grows along the run to Econfina Creek. The water is clear with a slight blue-green tint. and the sandy bottom is visible except where it is covered with a mat of grass in the south and south- west part of the pool. A single vent evidenced by a sand boil is near the center of the pool. The pool depth is about 10 ft; the bottom slopes gently upward to the shore. The run exits from the northeast part of the pool and flows east about 100 ft to Econfina Creek. The run has an average width of about 15 ft and depth ranging from 1 to 2 ft. Used by local residents for swimming; no facilities.

Gainer Springs Location. Drive 2.3 mi. N. from Bennett, at intersection of State Hwy 388 with State Hwy 167, turn west onto winding sand road; about 1 mi. to the springs that are along both sides of Econfina Creek. Description. The area surrounding the springs is covered with a dense growth of scrub pine and associated vegetation. To the west, on the opposite side of Econfina Creek, the land rises 80 to 90 ft to a woody knoll, and to the east the land slopes gently up 10 to 20 ft above the water surface. Some swamplike growth occurs along the banks of the creek and spring runs, but generally the area is heavily forested. Gainer Springs No. 1 is north on the sand road from the powerline about 0.3 mi. to the head of run trending northeast. Lat. 30°25'40" N., long. 85°32'50" W. The spring pool farthest to the northeast. is No. 1A .It has a diameter of about 20 ft, and a minimum depth of 6 ft at the vent opening which is about l ft wide. The circular pool is surrounded with dense swamp- like vegetation that covers it like a canopy. The run exits to the south- west and reaches a maximum width of about 40 ft just before merging with Econfina Creek. Spring no. 1B is about-100 ft downstream of Spring No. 1A, in a depression about 12 ft deep in the run of No. 1A. It does not have a pool. Spring No. 1C flows into the run from the southeast about 300 ft farther downstream, The pool has a diameter of about 25 ft and a maximum depth of 13 ft. An 8 ft diameter vent is in the exposed limestone rock in the bottom of the pool. Bottom sediment is in a state of constant agitation due to the flow from the vent. The combined flow from the three springs enters Econfina Creek about 800 ft downstream from No.1A. During its course, the run varies in depth from 1 to 3 ft., and occasionally becomes blocked with fallen trees or choked with aquatic grasses. Gainer Spring No. 2 is located on the west side of Econfina Creek about 100 ft upstream of the confluence of the run from Spring No. 1 and Econfina Creek. Lat. 30°25'36" N. long. 85°32'54" W. This spring discharges from a vertical limestone bank about 25 ft in height and 70 ft in length. The run is about 10 ft wide. Gainer Spring No. 3 is about 0.1 mi. upstream from Spring No. 2. The run for No. 3 enters Econfina Creek from the west. Lat. 30°25'38" N. long. 85°32'55" W. The 500 ft. diameter circular pool is surrounded by dense swampy growth. The northwest bank of the pool is a rocky limestone bluff, the base of which contains several vents and seeps. A small grass covered island is in the center of the pool. The 300-ft. long run exits to the southeast: its width averages 40 ft. Gainer Spring No. 4 is located about .1 mi. S. of Spring No. 2 on the west side of Econfina Creek, about 200 ft N. of where the powerline crosses Econfina Creek, Lat. 30°25'30" N., long. 85°32'54" W.


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