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LaShaw F. ...We are planning to vacation on Panama City Beach and found this site and really like it. It was helpful in planning our days!


Kim E. ...After downloading your PDF Beach Access Map, I was able to find several neat places to enjoy the beach. I will be back tomorrow to learn more about Panama City Beach!


Renee D. ...I enjoyed my vacation to Panama City Beach so much. I will definitely be back next year. Thanks for the links here on the  Panama City Marketplace web site!


Tom P. ...I was pleased to discover your website. After much surfing, I have not found any other tourist site like yours. With the site published by native bay county citizens, you offer something refreshing in the travel world. Keep up the good work.


Yolanda R. ...Before making the move to Panama City, I used the business guides here to locate my new apartment, land a job, look over dozens of the area's websites (that I could've never found on my own), and get auto insurance. You saved me countless hours fighting the search engines for this info, so thanks! 


Mark T. ...We vacation at Panama City Beach each year for our family reunion and we have a great time each year. We will be back in the summer of 2007. Neat website.


Maria C. ...Because of your listings, I feel like I am back in Panama City shopping!


Eddie D. ...Cool site! I hope it is finished before the summer season so I can plan my visit!


Carl C. ...A valuable resource guide for finding panama city businesses. As a out-of-state visitor, it allows me to do business with folks I would have never found - without the panama city marketplace's business guides.


Serena L. ...I had a fun time today visiting your site.


Will F. ...I normally visit every three or four years to get a tan and enjoy the weather in Panama City. After finding this site, I felt like I was home again. I booked a room for next month, bought some clothes from your retail guide and found several new restaurants to try...THANKS!


Stan G. ..I must say thank you for providing this service. Finally a visitors guide written by natives & locals instead of the corporate travel industry!


Walter K. ...I found so much information here. Thanks for providing this free service to me!


Rita P. ...With the shopping guides, I can locate the best places to shop without searching for hours and hours!


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